Plantforce - Synergy Protein (Vanilla) - 3 + FREE Shaker
Delivered tomorrow
90,69 Regular Price 114,80
(Starting at € 90,69 p/u)
Bragg - Apple Cider Vinegar - 4 Pack (946 ml)
Delivered tomorrow
50,85 Regular Price 67,80
(Starting at € 50,85 p/u)
Doctor’s Best - Curcumin C3 Complex® - 120 tablets (1000mg)
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 81,95 99,95 As low as 75,00
(Starting at € 75,00 p/u)
Mucos - Wobenzym Plus - 120 Tablets
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 51,95 58,50 As low as 49,50
(Starting at € 49,50 p/u)
AAM - Nattovena - 90 Capsules (4,000 FU)
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 23,50 p/u)
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ultra-clean quality

Collagen offers support to many vital functions in our body including skin, muscles, bones, nails, and hair.

Plent Marine Collagen (available flavors: natural, berry, chocolate) is made from Type 1 peptides (sourced from non-GMO fresh fish) for maximum absorption. It’s ultra-clean quality is guaranteed by lab testing for heavy metals.

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Plent - Marine Collagen Peptides - 2 x 225g (Natural + Berry)
Delivered tomorrow
35,91 Regular Price 39,90
(Starting at € 35,91 p/u)
Jimmy Joy - Plenny Shake Active Vanilla Chocolade en Naturel - Gratis Scoop en Shaker
Delivered tomorrow
107,10 Regular Price 119,00
(Starting at € 107,10 p/u)
Happy Mood Pack - Plantforce Magnesium - Vegan Omega 3 - Chlorella
Delivered tomorrow
56,89 Regular Price 75,85
(Starting at € 56,89 p/u)
Lilly's Eco Clean Compleet Schoonmaak pakket
Delivered tomorrow
47,43 Regular Price 59,29
(Starting at € 47,43 p/u)
Kombucha pakket
Delivered tomorrow
13,16 Regular Price 15,48
(Starting at € 12,38 p/u)
Doctor's Best - Serrapeptase - 40.000SPU - 90 V-caps.
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 19,50 p/u)
Mucos - Wobenzym Plus - 120 Tablets
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 51,95 58,50 As low as 49,50
(Starting at € 49,50 p/u)

Sports Nutrition

Make your home workout a success

This month's theme is Sports Nutrition! Are you, like us, exercising at home? You achieve more results with the right sports nutrition :-).

Keep an eye on our blog. Our nutritionist - BSc MSc Patrick McCarthy - will be sharing very valuable information and tips on the use of sports nutrition and supplements this month. Don't miss out! Visit our blog now.

sports nutrition
Big Food - MCT Oil powder - 500g
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 37,95 39,95 As low as 35,00
(Starting at € 35,00 p/u)
BIG FOOD - Acerola Powder - 400g
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 32,95 p/u)
Big Food - Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides - 400g
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 21,56 p/u)
Big Food - Fish Oil Concentrate - 180 capsules (1000mg)
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 28,95 29,95 As low as 26,95
(Starting at € 26,95 p/u)
Big Food - Camu Camu Powder - 500g 
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 33,95 36,95 As low as 28,95
(Starting at € 28,95 p/u)
Plent - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300g (Berry)
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 22,95 p/u)
Plent - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300g (Natural)
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 22,95 p/u)
Plent - Organic Whey Protein Powder (80%) - 1kg
Delivered tomorrow
(Starting at € 25,16 p/u)
Plent - Colostrum Powder - 250g
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 35,00 42,95 As low as 34,00
(Starting at € 34,00 p/u)
Plent - Black Cumin Oil - 90 Capsules
Delivered tomorrow
Special Price 9,50 10,95 As low as 7,95
(Starting at € 7,95 p/u)
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Your online shop for natural products

From superfoods, (vegan) sports nutrition, vitamins and supplements to bio body care products and eco cleaning products, everything that our webshop offers contributes to a healthy, fit and happy life.

Our productrange has been put together with the greatest care. We commit ourselves 100% every day to offer you the purest products of excellent quality.

Knowledge of natural products

The developments in the field of superfoods and supplements are following at lightning speed. Keeping our expertise up-to-date is the most normal thing in the world for us and this shows in our range of products.

Only products of the highest quality are included in our productrange. We believe it is important to offer clean, pure products. That is why we study the ingredients and origin of products before adding them to our range.

Our own brands

Plent also offers a wide range of products from our own developed brands: Plent, Big Food and Plantforce (by Third Wave Nutrition). Third Wave Nutrition® is a Danish research and development company that produces premium vegan supplements, foods and superfoods.

Our own brands are designed for the health-conscious consumer who is looking for (vegan) products that meet the highest quality standards and requirements for natural ingredients, free from contaminants and with optimal nutritional value.

For you and by you

Plent wants to offer a complete range of superfoods, (vegan) sports nutrition, vitamins & supplements, natural food, eco cleaning products and natural body care. We are working on this every day, but it may be that you miss something, or have a super nice suggestion. Whatever it is, we are open to your ideas! Send your master idea via mail now!

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