Information about payment

information about payment

At Plent we try to make your payment process as smooth as possible. In order to offer you the best experience, we work with reliable partners and you can choose from a large number of payment methods.

Payment service provider

We use a so-called payment service provider to process our online payments. Our payment service provider for online payments is Mollie. Mollie is an intermediary: they ensure that your money goes safely from your bank to our webshop. Because the payment is made via Mollie, you sometimes see Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments on your bank statement.

Pay via a secure connection

At Plent you pay via a secure https connection. The s in https stands for secure. You can recognize this by the internet address (url). If it starts with https, you know that you are paying via a secure connection. Before the url you will see an icon of a padlock or key. If you click on this, you will receive more information about the webshop's security certificate.

Payment options

Plent offers many different payment options. View all payment options here