Become a reseller of our products

Are you a gym owner, personal trainer, yoga teacher, therapist, nutritionist, orthomolecular doctor or other health worker? And are you interested in reselling our products? Then it is possible to register with Plent as a reseller and purchase our products at a discount.

Conditions for resellers

To become a reseller of our products, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You have a valid VAT number.
  • You are registered in an European trade register
  • You are registered as a professional in the field of health, nutrition or sports (think of professions such as personal trainer, gym owner, yoga teacher, therapist, beautician, nutritionist, orthomolecular doctor, health coach and more).

Become a reseller of our productsBecome a reseller of our products

At Plent you have a number of advantages if you are a reseller of our own brands (Plent, Big Food, Plantforce, Arthur Andrew Medical). You become a Plent reseller if you sell our own brands through your company. You are a reseller if, for example, you have a PT studio or yoga studio and you sell our sports supplements to your customers, but also if you are a health professional (for example, a nutritionist or orthomolecular doctor) and sell our natural food, superfoods and / or supplements to your customers.

The main benefits of a reseller account

  • High reseller discount on products
  • Faster ordering process
  • Easy to change accountdata
  • View full order history
  • View order status
  • Reorder with one click
  • Print order overviews
  • Address book
  • Save favorite payment methods
  • View your product reviews
  • Easily unsubscribe or subscribe to newsletters
  • Overview of your back in stock notifications
  • View products on your wishlist
  • Simple ordering process with no minimum order amount
  • High discounts on products
  • No annual registration fee
  • Low shipping costs

Important information

Therapists or health workers in training or starting are also very welcome!

Reseller account registration:

  • First create an account on our B2B webshop and fill in your details completely
  • Send us your request for a reseller account by email
  • Your application will then be assessed by us
  • After approval, your account will be converted into a reseller account
  • From this moment on the reseller prices are visible when you are logged in to our B2B webshop


Do you have any questions or do you need help? Let us know, we are happy to help anytime. Send an email, fill in the contact form or call us on +31 (0) 85 - 060 8765.