About us

about us at Plent

Together we create a better world

The world is undergoing massive changes right now, and that makes many of us insecure. Plent offers you an inspiring environment where you can go for healthy food, ideas and motivation to work together on a healthy lifestyle.

We are more than just a webshop. We offer a platform for personal connection and awareness. Creating a safe, healthy world is a continuous process and can only be achieved by working together and listening to each other. We want to inspire you to contribute to the propagation of this vision! Do you have tips, comments or a story that we should not miss, let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Taking care of yourself

For us, taking good care of yourself means listening to your body. This often starts with the food on your plate. By eating healthy, your body not only functions better, you also feel better about yourself and have more energy. It is especially at this time that it is important that you exercise enough, go outside regularly and get enough mental rest. Ultimately, you do not only do this for yourself, it also affects your environment. If you take good care of yourself, you will take better care of the people and the world around you as a result. This way everything is connected.

By taking good care of yourself, you will find that you become a happier person. That is not only fun for yourself, but also inspiring for your environment!

Why are we different at Plent?

Why are we different?

At Plent we are driven to deliver high quality products using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. New supplement companies are popping up every day, and unfortunately more and more are compromising on quality! We do not only mean the purity of the ingredients used, but also the working conditions of people and the impact that production and distribution have on our planet.

We have been producing high quality products for years and have a built a base of loyal customers who trust our brands and products.

Not just any range

Not just any range

Our range consists of products from our own brands, but also from other brands. We continuously monitor what is being marketed and whether this is in line with our vision. Only products of the highest quality are added to our range. This way you, as a consumer, no longer need to research the origin and quality level of a product. We have already done this for you.

We work closely with brands of the highest quality that match our ideas and beliefs.

Sustainable packaging and packaging materials

Sustainable packaging and packaging materials

Where possible, we strive for environmentally friendly packaging. We are increasingly using glass jars with recyclable tin lids for our products. The plastic packaging that is (still) used for products is fully recyclable.

100% FSC-certified cardboard boxes and paper filling made from recycled material are used for packing orders. The boxes are closed with completely plastic-free packaging tape based on recycled paper.

organic ingredients

Organic ingredients

If you look at our products, you can see that - where possible - the products of our own brands (Big Food, Plent and Plantforce) are 100% organic and contain minimal ingredients. We sincerely believe in providing pure products with minimal processing. You will not find any unnecessary additives in our products.

Only the best is good enough for our loyal customers, but also for ourselves! Plent's own employees are also convinced and only use our own supplements to support their health.

animal friendly production

Animal-friendly production

While the majority of our own products are 100% vegan, we offer a number of animal-derived powders, such as organic whey proteins and colostrum. We do guarantee that these products come from organically kept animals from sustainable livestock farming, which are kept safe and harmless.

For example, our whey protein comes exclusively from grass-fed cows on small organic dairy farms in Germany that can graze outdoors for more than 300 days a year. And our colostrum powder is only produced from surplus milk. After the newborn calf has drunk enough, the remaining milk is withdrawn from the growth hormone-free mother cow.

Advanced tests for products

Advanced tests for products

In order to be able to deliver the best quality products, we do not think it is enough just to rely on our own tests. That's why we ship several of our products to third-party laboratories to ensure both their purity and safety.

For example, our chlorella, spirulina and other green powders are one of the few of their kind that do not contain PAHs, these are toxins that can accumulate in fermented algae powders. And our vegetable protein is guaranteed to be free from GMOs, pesticides and heavy metals, which is a common problem with today's protein powders on the market.