Vitamin B12

Are you getting enough vitamin B12? You have to make sure you do that to stay healthy.

Vitamin B12 does many things for your body. For example, it helps to make your DNA and your red blood cells. These are needed to transport oxygen in your blood. In addition, vitamin B12 is needed for proper functioning of the nervous system.

Because your body does not make vitamin B12, you must get it from animal food or supplements. And you should do that regularly, because your body does not store vitamin B12 for a long time and a vitamin b12 deficiency occurs more often than you would expect, especially for a vegetarian or vegan, a vitamin b12 deficiency is something to consider.

How much do you need ?

The answer regarding daily amount depends on things like your age, your eating habits and medical conditions, and which medicines you take.

  • Vitamin B12 only occurs in animal products such as milk, milk products, meat, meat products, fish and eggs, not in vegetable products.
  • Vegans are advised to take a vitamin B12 supplement or to use products with added vitamin B12.
  • The average recommended amounts, measured in micrograms (mcg), vary by age:
  • The Health Council has set the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12 for adults at 2.8 micrograms per day.

recommended daily allowance

Children up to the age of 6 months: 0.4 mcg
Babies 7-12 months old: 0.5 mcg
Children from 1-3 years: 0.9 mcg
Children from 4-8 years: 1.2 mcg
Children from 9-13 years: 1.8 mcg
Children aged 14-18: 2.4 mcg (2.6 mcg per day if they are pregnant and 2.8 mcg per day if they are breastfeeding)
Adults: 2.4 mcg (2.6 mcg per day during pregnancy and 2.8 mcg per day during breastfeeding)

It is estimated that somewhere between 1.5% and 15% of the general population is vitamin B12 deficient, and that your chances of deficiency only increase as you get older. Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms can include depression, confusion, poor memory, balance problems, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, and more. If you suffer from one of these problems, you may need more vitamin B12 food in your diet.

What is vitamin B12? Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for the production of red blood cells, healthy brain and nerve function, as well as DNA synthesis. Even a mild vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to reduced mental function and low energy. Vitamin B12 also plays a role in the formation of red blood cells, so a shortage can lead to the production of large, unripe cells that are unable to properly transport oxygen. Recommended daily allowance

Healthy and varied food is very important in all cases, whether you are a dealer or eat meat, healthy food is the basis of health.

Women who are breastfeeding can also take a look at the website of the vitamin information agency or the vitamin b12 deficiency foundation: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, more vitamin b12 is used by the body and therefore the intake of vitamin b12 is highly recommended.

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  • PRL B12-ND - 59 ml


    B12-ND – vitamine B12 supplement dat gemaakt is van probiotica culturen

    Een vitamine B12 supplement in vloeibare vorm dat gemaakt is van plantaardige probiotica culturen en dus geen synthetische vitamine B12 bevat.

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    ALGOMED® Chlorella vulgaris is the only algae product in the world, grown in a patented and completely pure glass tube system with natural sunlight as the driving force for photosynthesis. These high-tech glass production facilities are fully under control and ensure clean and optimal growth conditions. The cultures are thus protected against adverse environmental effects.

    Chlorella is often called a superfood that can be defined as a food that contains a high concentration of essential and beneficial herbs that have significant health-promoting properties.

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  • Garden of Life - Vitamine B12

    Garden of Life

    Vitamine B12 is een goede aanvulling wanneer je minder dierlijke producten eet zoals melk, vlees, vis en eieren.
    Vitamine B12 komt namelijk alleen voor in dierlijke producten. Vitamine B12 draagt bij aan extra energie bij vermoeidheid.

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  • Garden of Life - Vitamine B Complex

    Garden of Life

    B Complex bevat een complex van B-vitaminen die je energie ondersteunen tijdens drukke periodes met veel lichamelijke en geestelijke inspanningen.
    In deze periodes verbruik je meer energie.

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  • Garden of Life - Ijzer - B12 - C

    Garden of Life

    IJzer helpt bij vermoeidheid en futloosheid en vitamine B12 activeert je natuurlijke energie.

    Vitamine C in IJzer+ B12 + C verhoogt de opname van ijzer.

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  • ALGOMED® CHLORELLA 350 gram powder

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    100% Chlorella Vulgaris Chlorella powder from local algae farm in Saxony-Anhalt.

    The advantages of this chlorella are:

    - ecologically due to optimum production conditions because of a patented production process in a glass tube system

    - optimal supply of the algae with sunlight (because there are no deeper layers like in ponds)

    - guaranteed free from contamination due to environmental influences (because closed system) no heating (sterilization) required

    - unprocessed feed quality and the best taste!

    - Chlorella is often called a superfood that can be defined as a food that contains a high concentration of essential and beneficial herbs that have significant health-promoting properties.

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