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Life Extension is a brand that was founded in 1980, but the founders have been involved in research into anti-aging products since the 1960s. The purpose of Life Extension is therefore to gain more control over the aging process and for this purpose various products have been developed in the form of supplements and care products. The goal is to become and stay healthy until old age. Life Extension is a company with more than 350 different nutritional supplements on the market. Each supplement is entirely made up of natural products. Life Extension believes it is important that customers know what they are getting. The company also believes nature is very important and it will never unnecessarily destroy complete pieces of nature to produce supplements. Quality is a high priority at Life Extension and the company has been doing this with great success for more than fifteen years.


LifeExtension is an American brand with special supplement formulas with mostly patented ingredients that has been marketed by the Life Extension Foundation since 1980. This non-profit organization has set itself the goal of researching and promoting every (health) method that can extend human life.

Life Extension uses only vitamins and other premium quality ingredients that meet the highest standards and criteria. The raw materials mainly come from the United States itself, Japan and Europe. Life Extension uses advanced analysis method, such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography / mass spectrometry to guarantee the operation and purity of the products.

Safe products

All supplements from Life Extension are approved by the FDA. This means that the supplements are safe to use in America. In addition, Life Extension conducts regular research and science is very important. After all, the Life Extension employees do not want their customers to get something that is unsafe or bad for them. Good care is also taken during packaging and hygiene is very important.


Many of the supplements from Life Extension are vegetarian and gluten-free. The capsules are often not made from gelatin and can therefore simply be used if you are vegetarian or even vegan. So there is also the guarantee that there are no gluten in the supplements of Life Extension.


Life Extension has all kinds of different supplements. With the wide range there is something for everyone. For example, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin K and multivitamy are for sale. And the same quality is guaranteed for all these products. It is also true that development never stands still.

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