The important health benefits of baobab are very diverse.

The oldest and most majestic trees in the world fall into a very special genus called Adansonia, better known as baobab trees. Although there are nine different species of these trees scattered throughout Madagascar, Africa, Australia and other parts of South Asia, they are all closely related and share the same characteristics. They are huge angiosperm trees, with radii of more than 150 feet and sometimes more than 50 feet high. However, the baobab fruit often receives less attention than it should, because this fruit has been considered a super fruit by some cultures for generations. The popularity of baobab fruit and the constituent powder has increased in recent years due to the high concentrations of nutrients and minerals it contains.

baobab fruit

The baobab powder can be consumed as a supplement, but is also used as a thickening agent in certain culinary preparations, while the leaves, which are also fairly nutritious, are considered a leafy vegetable and are sometimes harvested for their essential oils. Baobab fruit is about 3 lbs and looks like a coconut, with a sharp taste. Because of this, it has been popular for thousands of years as a natural food product.

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