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Cocao, cocoa, chocolate: what is the difference?

It is often thought that cocoa and cocoa is the same predoct but misspelled. Yet that is not the case, there is indeed a difference between the 2
Cocoa comes from the same South American plant as cocoa, the cocoa plant. But the big difference between cocoa and cocoa is the way the pods are processed on the plant.
The claimed pure cocoa is 'the purest form of chocolate' and can be higher in antioxidants and some minerals than more processed varieties of the plant.
Cocoa is an anglicised form of the word cocoa. The cocoa beans are usually dried and then completely fermented, to be used as a basis for the preparation of chocolate, mole sauce, tea and cocoa butter. The cocoa tree is native to America and it bears fruit (cocoa pod), which is rough and characterized by a leathery shell about 30 mm in thickness.
When they are ripe, the harvested cocoa pods are usually split with a machete to reach the beans inside. The pulp and cocoa beans are carefully removed and the skin is discarded. The cocoa beans then go through a series of preliminary procedures to ferment them. The fermenting process called 'sweating' is vital for the quality of the beans.

Cocoa bean: if you open one of these pods and you find the cocoa bean, it tastes like bitter chocolate

Cacao nibs: peel the outer shell of the cocoa bean, grate it and crumble it into small pieces and you stay with cocoa beans. You get the chocolate taste, but it is not very sweet. The taste may vary depending on how they are roasted and whether something is added to the processing. You can immediately take them out of the box or add them to yogurt, smoothies or sprinkle on top of your acai dish.

Cocoa powder: this is when the beans are processed on a low heat to separate the cocoa butter from the beans. Once that has been removed, the beans are ground into a fine powder. This is the most common form of cocoa. The idea is that because the beans are processed at low temperatures, many of the nutrients are preserved. Organic certified pure cocoa powder is available in our webshop as Small Bulk.

Cocoa powder: almost the same as cocao powder. The butter and oil are separated and the remaining beans are crushed. The difference is in the processing temperature. Cacoa is heated to a higher temperature, which means that you leave a less bitter taste, but also change the nutritional profile. You can also notice that some brands add powdered milk or sugar to give it a sweeter taste. Cocoa powder contains various vitamins and is free of additives. Buy cocoa powder from us at the lowest value in the BeNeLux. You will not find better quality for our prices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Pure chocolate: it has a higher cocoa content than milk or white chocolate. And although that normally means less sugar, it is best to check the labels carefully!

Milk chocolate: has a lower cocoa content than dark chocolate, and this usually means a higher sugar content.

average Nutritional values ​​per 100g of cocoa powder

cacao poeder

Energy 1698 KJ / 405 Kcal
Fats 24.5 g of carbohydrates 10.8 g
Of which saturated fats 13 g
Of which Suikers 2.2 g
Fibers 34 g
Proteins 19.8 g
Salt 0 g


Calcium 114 mg
Magnesium 520 mg
Iron 12.5 mg
Phosphorus 656 mg
Zinc 3.5 mg
Potassium 1900 mg
Copper 3.9 mg

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    The cocoa tree had a sacred status with the Aztecs and Mayas.

    Not surprising when you consider that raw cocoa contains 300 active substances. 

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    De cacaoboom had een heilige status bij de Azteken en Maya’s. Niet zo gek als je bedenkt dat rauwe cacao wel 300 actieve stoffen bevat.
    plent Vol met vezels
    plent Tal van antioxidanten
    plent Rijk aan magnesium en IJzer
    plent Zeer geschikt als topping op je Bowl of Smoothie 
    Cacao , wordt er gewoon blijer van :)

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    The cocoa tree had a sacred status with the Aztecs and Mayas. Not surprising when you consider that raw cocoa contains 300 active substances.

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