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The Classic Proteine ​​from Sunwarrior has had a large number of fans for many years, especially among the vegetarians and vegans and other users of pure plant food it is popular in humans.

Classic Protein relies on the simple power of raw whole grain brown rice, including the endosperm and the bran, to make a soft protein that still makes the gym the most competitive.

Sunwarrior Classic contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs in a perfectly balanced profile, will not slow you down and fits perfectly into any lifestyle.


mix, shake or mix protein powder with your favorite drink (we prefer nut milk ourselves). Once you've mastered the drink, try adding fruit, greens, superfoods, boosters, spices, ice cream and more to make smoothies that are as unique, tasty and super chic as you are.

Raw Rice Protein

Brown rice offers a lot of protein and fiber and is friendly to the digestive system and friendly to people with allergies. This full-fledged superfood is raw, sprouted and ready to take your workouts to a new level with all the amino acids that a growing muscle needs.

If you are not sure which of the 3 different proteins from Sunwarrior you should choose, you can read the differences in the FAQ. You can find the FAQ HERE


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