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Our own flagship. Plent products are developed together with an internationally renowned nutritional specialist. He works on commission and together with the very best companies in the food and supplements industry. The PLENT products are the result of this. He collects the best ingredients and products he encounters during his work and quests and we bring this together with a lot of pride to the market under our own label. The result is a product line with very beautiful products of a high quality and because we buy directly at the source we can also offer very sharp prices.

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    PLENT brown rice protein is a vegan protein powder of high quality, low carbohydrate content. This easily digestible protein offers a wide range of naturally occurring amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. 

    Increase your diet and energy with this healthy, protein-rich formula! 

    PLENT brown rice protein is produced through a unique enzyme process. A patented blend of organic plant enzymes is used to separate the fiber and carbohydrates from the protein portion of the organicwhole grainsprouted brown rice. Low temperatures used during processing prevent denaturing of the amino acids. NO CHEMICALS are used during production 

    Colortaste and texture can vary due to this enzyme process. 

    Inhoud: 1 kg

    Regular Price: € 25.95 -20%

    Special Price: € 20.75



    PLENT Pea Protein is a 100% natural product and an excellent replacement for animal proteins. 

    Peas are known to be a source of highly available protein. Moreover, peas are not considered to be one of the most important food allergens. Collectivelythis pea protein makes an ideal source of post-workout nutrition for athletes who have trouble with other types of proteins. Plent peas protein powder is a non-GMO vegetable protein isolate containing 16 grams of easily digested protein. Each portion typically has more than 2,700 mg of branched chain amino acids and more than 1340 mg of arginine. PLENT peas protein powder is pure and natural, not flavored and easily fits in your favorite drinks.  

    Natural color variation may occur in this product.

    Inhoud: 1 KG

    Regular Price: € 24.95 -20%

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    As low as: € 19.50
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  • PLENT Organic Whey Protein (80%) - 1kg


    The cleanest grass-fed organic whey protein powder.PLENT organic whey protein comes exclusively from the organic milk of cows that have been fed with grass on small organic dairy farms in Germany. It is then processed as little as possible, resulting in a pure, non-denatured, biologically active organic whey protein concentrate. Low temperature microfiltration combined with bleach-free and acid-free processing, preserves all naturally occurring immunoglobins, lactoferrin and natural growth factors.  

    ✓ Grass-fed, Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified. 

    ✓ A happy cow is grazing freely in the pasture. And happy cows therefore give milk of a rare high quality. 

    ✓ Certified organic 

    ✓ European origin  

    Inhoud: 1000 gr

    Regular Price: € 29.50 -20%

    Special Price: € 23.60

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