Plent Premium Colostrum - 250 gram


Inhoud: 250 gram

- Strengthens the Immune System
- Rich in growth factors, immunglobolins, Proline-Rich Peptides, Lactoferrin, etc.
- Improves vitality and reduce fatigue
- Same quality as Surthrival Colostrum but much cheaper
- Cold-processed to keep biologically active molecule intact and functional

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Product Description


What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a type of Bovine breast milk that is produced and available for 3-4 days following the birth of newborn calves! (1). It is the first food that the newborns receive and so contains an expansive array of essential nutrients (fat, protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals), growth factors (IgF-1, IgF-2, TFG-alpha, TGF-beta) and molecules that enhance and modulate the immune system by being anti-bacterial, anti-viral (Proline-Rich Peptides/Colostrinin, IgG, IgM, IgA, Lactoferrin, etc.) (1)(2).

This is the main reason why Colostrum is currently one of our most popular supplements. Unlike regular milk or milk based protein (in most cases whey protein), colostrum is meant as highly concentrated biologically active fluid, with multiple biologically active molecules, that you cannot source from any other dairy products (3). The name “Immune Milk” is sometimes used for Colostrum based on its ability to provide essential immune antibodies for the protection against illness and disease, in humans (4). The biologically active molecules in colostrum, peptides or proteins, are never meant to be exposed to heat as they are naturally heat-sensitive so it's crucial they remain 100% intact when processed into powder in order for them to have any desired effect. Only very limited amounts of heat can be applied and very limited and gentle processing. 

Plent Colostrum powder is of the highest quality, tapped from growth-hormone free cows and only drained after the sober calves have received their share. This is officially verified, 6-hours of Colostrum powder. Plent cows colostrum is spray-dried at low temperature, is pure and contains no unnecessary fillers or additives.

Health Benefits of Whole Milk Colostrum

Immune System – Bovine milk is a rich source of IgG antibodies, much more so than human breast milk. These antibodies are essential for protection against infection, illness and disease as they bind to bind to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and allergens (5). Colostrum provides these antibodies to the newborn in the fist days of birth, to provide the foundation of the immune system. In Humans, this is also effective in enhancing the immune response and protecting against illness. In a recent study, healthy adults supplementing Colostrum for 90 days experienced substantially less colds and cold-related symptoms when compared to the placebo group (6). In another study among elite athletes, 12 weeks of supplementing colostrum resulted in a 79% increase in salivary IgA antibodies (7).

Gut Health – Colostrum is a rich source of growth factors and a multifunctional protein known as Lactoferrin. These have been shown to have therapeutic effects in the gut and intestinal permeability, known as ‘leaky gut’. For example, in a small study, athletes experiencing intestinal permeability prevented 80% of the symptoms experienced by those who took a placebo (8). In another study among athletes, 500mg of Colustrum was taken for 20 days and compared to a placebo of whey protein. The colostrum group showed significantly improved symptoms of intestinal permeability and returned to normal function (9).

Diarrhea – There are several forms of Diarrhea that may be reduced with the use of Colostrum, most notably that caused by food carrying E.Coli. One study reported 100% reduced occurance of this type of Diarrhea following 1-2 weeks of supplementation compared to 10% reduced occurrence in the group who received a placebo (10).

- Strengthens the Immune System
- Rich source of immune antibodies
- Provides growth factor and lactoferrin proteins
- May reduce diarrhea.
- Improves vitality and reduce fatigue 

Quality Assurance of Our Colostrum

For a normal consumer, and even for most health experts, finding the right colostrum can be almost an impossible task because there are so many different varieties. We long ago chose raw (cold processed) whole milk colostrum after looking at every single manufacturer available. Opposite to a lot of healthy foods in powderform colostrum is very pleasent to consume because It's creamy and delicious, partly due of its natural fat-content. Hence, it's great adding into shakes or smoothies or just mixed water or juice. 
It has high content of biologically active molecules (immunoglobulins, Proline-Rich Peptides, Lactoferrin) due to the cold-processing of the colostrum. 
There is no whole milk colostrum at a higher quality than, there's also very few manufactures available globally, so if you are a current or former user of whole milk colostrum this one won't disappoint, absolutely guaranteed. 

Lactose Intolerance and Whole Milk Colostrum

Lactose intolerance is the lack of ability to digest lactose, also referred to as "milk sugar", which is a naturally occurding sugar (a so-called di-saccharide made from glucose and galactose linked together) found in milk and dairy products. The enzyme responsible for digesting and breaking down lactose is an enzyme called lactase found in the small intestine. Lactose intolerance is hence lack of producing enough for this enzyme and symptoms of lactose intolerance is bloating, gas and eventually diarrhea if too much lactose is consumed and not broken down. .
The content of lactose in milk vary between approx. 4-5% (so 4-5 gram per 100ml). Most people with lactose intolerance can however still consume a certain amounts of milk or diary products without experiencing symptoms. One cup contains approx. 12 gram of lactose and is well tolerated by most and two cups a day consumed separately at different times is well tolerated. 
Colostrum in its natural liquid form (as a milk) contains low amounts of lactose and even whole milk colostrum, which is naturally more concentrated since water is removed, has low amounts. If we were to compare it with milk, you would be able to consume 50-66 grams of colostrum powder to reach the 12 gram lactose content. Even if many people consume a lot more than 3 gram per day, from our experience 5-20 grams per day, it's still far from the 12 gram tolerance-limit most lactose intolerant people have.

Nutritional declarationPer 100 gPer 3 g
Energy2133 kJ
(500 kcal)
64 kJ
(15 kcal)
Fat18 g0,5 g
of which saturates10 g0,3 g
Carbohydrate27 g0,3 g
of which sugars24 g0,7 g
Fibre2,5 g<0,1 g
Protein45 g1,4 g
Salt0,8 g0,02 g
*The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.
Biological active protein-fractions
Immunoglubulins (IgG)18000-24000 mg540-720 mg
Proline-Rich-Peptides (PRP)4000-4200 mg120-126 mg
Lactoferrin1000-1300 mg30-39 mg

Vitamins & MineralsPer 100 gPer 3 gRI %
Calcium850 mg25,5 mg106/3 %
Magnesium150 mg4,5 mg40/1 %
Zinc6 mg0,2 mg60/2 %
Potassium840 mg25,2 mg42/1 %
Phosphorus800 mg24 mg114/3 %
*RI = Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

Recipe Tip:

colostrum smoothie

This smoothie was made by my daughter and really very nice

- 2 tbsp of colostrum powder
- Frozen red fruits
- Frozen or fresh mango and banana
- Orange juice
Mix in blender and the result a picture to see and delicious to drink.

Store sealed, in a cool, dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat.

100% Freeze Died Colostrum Powder

Do not use if allergic to milk. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The rich, creamy taste and texture makes it perfect in mixed drinks, smoothies, ice cream or mixed with juice, nutmilk, milk or water.

(1) Thapa, B. R. (2005). Health factors in colostrum. The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 72(7), 579-581. 

(2) Janusz, M., Zabłocka, A. (2010). Colostral proline-rich polypeptides--immunoregulatory properties and prospects of therapeutic use in Alzheimer's disease. Curr Alzheimer Res. Jun;7(4):323-33.

(3) (2019). Colostrum. Accessed 29/05/2019. 

(4) Hurley, W. L., & Theil, P. K. (2011). Perspectives on immunoglobulins in colostrum and milk. Nutrients, 3(4), 442–474. 

(5) Ulfman, L. H., Leusen, J. H., Savelkoul, H. F., Warner, J. O., & van Neerven, R. J. (2018). Effects of bovine immunoglobulins on immune function, allergy and infection. Frontiers in nutrition, 5, 52. 

(6) Vitetta, L., Coulson, S., Beck, S. L., Gramotnev, H., Du, S., & Lewis, S. (2013). The clinical efficacy of a bovine lactoferrin/whey protein Ig-rich fraction (Lf/IgF) for the common cold: A double blind randomized study. Complementary therapies in medicine, 21(3), 164–171. 

(7) Crooks, C. V., Wall, C. R., Cross, M. L., & Rutherfurd-Markwick, K. J. (2006). The effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on salivary IgA in distance runners. International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism, 16(1), 47–64. 

(8) Marchbank, T., Davison, G., Oakes, J. R., Ghatei, M. A., Patterson, M., Moyer, M. P., & Playford, R. J. (2010). The nutriceutical bovine colostrum truncates the increase in gut permeability caused by heavy exercise in athletes. American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 300(3), G477–G484. 

(8) Hałasa, M., Maciejewska, D., Baśkiewicz-Hałasa, M., Machaliński, B., Safranow, K., & Stachowska, E. (2017). Oral supplementation with bovine colostrum decreases intestinal permeability and stool concentrations of zonulin in athletes. Nutrients, 9(4), 370. 

(9) Tacket CO, Losonsky G, Link H, Hoang Y, Guesry P, Hilpert H, Levine MM. Protection by milk immunoglobulin concentrate against oral challenge with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. New England Journal of Medicine. 1988 May 12;318(19):1240–3.

Additional Information

Additional Information

inhoud250 gram
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Colostrum van goede kwaliteit Review by Evert Dominee
kan niet anders zeggen dan dat ik zeer tevreden ben (Posted on 08/10/2019)

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