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- Organic and grown in Europe (99% on the market is from China)
- Orange sweet potato powder
- Gently processed and delicious flavor profile
- Carbs in sweet potato are low-GI and easy to digest

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Product Description


What is Sweet Potato Powder?
The sweet potato, or Ipomoea batatas L. is a delicious and highly satisfying root vegetable that boasts a diverse nutritional profile. This is the main reason why the nutritional powerhouse is a staple food for many populations in Central and South America, Japan, Africa, and the Caribbean. (1). Our sweet potato powder contains all the nutritional goodness of the vegetable in an easily digestible and low-cost form. For example, 1 kg of our organic sweet potato powder equals 7 kg of raw sweet potatoes. It is a highly concentrated supplement, packed with beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) and carbohydrates (carbs) but still, with a low Glycemic Index (GI).
Our sweet potato powder provides an effective way to consume additional carbs along with an array of micronutrients, flavonoids and phenols (2). The best part? It saves you all the time and trouble of preparing, and cooking. Simply add 1-2 servings to your smoothie, juice or protein shakes and you are good to go!

✓ Non-GMO
✓ Certified Organic
✓ No Additives
✓ Rich in Antioxidants
✓ Low-GI Food

Benefits of Sweet Potato Powder
1 kg of our sweet potato powder provides the equivalent of 7 kg of sweet potatoes! This amplifies the concentration of all the beneficial nutrients within the sweet potato. For example, one 20 g serving of the potent powder will provide you with 15.6 g of carbohydrates. These slow-digesting carbohydrates will help to fuel performance and provide long-lasting energy for any workout!
Sweet potato powder is rich in beta-carotene, which is also known as provitamin A It is an important plant compound that is converted to Vitamin A in the body. It is essential for a range of functions including sight and immune activity. What’s more, beta-carotene can prevent the development of night-blindness (3) and Vitamin A deficiencies. It is also essential for protection of mucus membranes and skin vitality (4). Just 100g of sweet potato will typically contain the daily recommendation of Vitamin A, which makes it easy to see why our concentrated powder is so popular.
High GI foods are often those that are shown to evoke a rapid blood sugar and insulin spike upon digestion and absorption (5). This is not optimal for endurance exercise and adding some low GI carbs to your meals may help to enhance performance (5). Carb-containing foods are often known to have high-GI levels; however, sweet potato is an exception. Sweet potato, among other complex carbohydrates, is not as easily digested and absorbed. In this way it provides a concentrated source of complex carbs to fuel your workout with long-lasting energy.

- Concentrated source of complex carbs
- Rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids
- Low-GI source of carbohydrates

Nutritional declarationPer 100 gPer 20 g
Energy1440 kJ
(344 kcal)
288 kJ
(69 kcal)
Fat0 g0 g
of which saturates0 g0 g
Carbohydrate78 g15,6 g
of which sugars18 g3,6 g
Fibre3 g0,6 g
Protein6 g1,2 g


Store in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat.

100% Organic Sweet Potato Powder (Ipomoea batatas L.)


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Mix into water, juice, smoothies, protein shakes or baking. We suggest using 1-2 servings (20-40 g)

Because of the high beta-carotene content of our sweet potato powder, it is strongly suggested that you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage .

(1) Grace, M. H., Truong, A. N., Truong, V. D., Raskin, I., & Lila, M. A. (2015). Novel value‐added uses for sweet potato juice and flour in polyphenol‐and protein‐enriched functional food ingredients. Food science & nutrition, 3(5), 415–424.

(2) Ishida H, Suzuno H, Sugiyama N, Innami S, Tadokoro T, Maekawa A: Nutritive evaluation on chemical components of leaves, stalks, and stems of sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas Poir). Food Chem 2000;68:359–367.

(3) Jaarsveld, P. J., Faber, M., Tanumihardjo, S. A., Nestel, P., Lombard, C. J., & Benadé, A. J. S. (2005). β-Carotene–rich orange-fleshed sweet potato improves the vitamin A status of primary school children assessed with the modified-relative-dose-response test. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 81(5), 1080–1087.

(4) Mohanraj, R., & Sivasankar, S. (2014). Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam)-A valuable medicinal food: A review. Journal of medicinal food, 17(7), 733–741.

(5) Wolever, T. M., Jenkins, D. J., Jenkins, A. L., & Josse, R. G. (1991). The glycemic index: methodology and clinical implications. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 54(5), 846–854.

(6) Burdon, C. A., Spronk, I., Cheng, H. L., & O’Connor, H. T. (2017). Effect of glycemic index of a pre-exercise meal on endurance exercise performance: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine, 47(6), 108–1101.

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Additional Information

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